Ultimately, every startup has a philosophical, political and economic impact. 1) Figure out the impact you want to have 2) Blockchain until you’ve got a solid plan.

Here are a list of the different avenues and actively pursuing. If you think you can help or would like to get involved because you’re on the same wavelength please send me a message.


24/7 access video production facilities with memberships from £50 per month. We sell shipping container studios too.

Mint Street Marketing

Business innovation starts with the public’s perception of your brand. We analyse, propose and execute the best strategy for your business.

Hyperspace Escape Rooms

The Hardest Pop-Up Escape Rooms across the UK that test your knowledge of reality. Nothing inside is what it seems.

TenForward Bar & Lounge

Star-Trek Themed Bar&Kitchen where every table has it’s own replicator, capable of synthesising your favourite cocktails and beverages from the menu.

Minimalist Kit

  • Tailored essentials. Free replacements for life. Annual subscription only. Designed to help you understand money, and ease of budgeting.