Let’s start with this:

Life may be infinitely looping towards time
Guided by the instinctual hunt for information
For curiosity is a real symptom of existence,
A Proprioception act to explore and interact
This is powered by our genetic memory of mortality, maybe
and a collation of sensory information working together to perceive it's environment as a singular entity.
But imagine
Your Senses didn't collaborate and your perception was unidentifiable fog
It would be total Chaos, with no way to understand what 'what' really means
Now imagine,
The power of a complex organisms, working together, like the argentine ant, the most successful species of ants.
A corroborate of these bifurcated perceptions
For chaos is also a real symptom of existence, but the most valuable tool we have, to emerge.

7,000,000,000 Homosapien minds working together, would be great.
The internation of plato says we will probably never unify, but at least we can try.